The Playbook Bar and Bistro

If you are looking for a place to dine and then hang out after without going to a different place, I recommend The Playbook Bar and Bistro. This is a perfect place to have dinner with friends and drink booze after. They are located at Corner Lupo Diaz, Porras St., Obrero, Davao City.


They transferred from Don Dionisio Complex at Agdao to Porras St in Obrero in 2017. One of the reasons why they transferred was to tap students from nearby universities and schools. They are also planning to make meals that are budget friendly for students. You'll get lost if you're not familiar with Obrero St. Just remember the Infinity Suites and HB1. A few walk to the right and you'll see this building.

The design looks like a beer hall or an after-hours pub. It has a bar with lots of alcoholic beverages. You see red couches and shiny wooden tables and chairs. They can cater at least 30 or 50 customers. They have a comic wall with local and international personalities that's really interesting and adds fun to the design of the restaurant.
Main entrance of the restaurant
Say hello to Mrs. and Mr. A!


PUMPKIN SOUP - I love how I started our food tasting with this creamy Pumpkin Soup. The crouton is still crispy and the taste is not that strong.

MUSHROOM SOUP - I prefer to order the pumpkin soup because I just like the grainy texture of it but their mushroom soup tastes good too. If you are not a fan of Pumpkin Soups, the best option is this.

MASHED POTATO WITH GRAVY - Buttery and not too grainy. I can eat this as a snack. LOL!

CHILI CHEESE NACHOS - If only I can eat this by myself. Haha! It's so good I can't stop munching it.

CORNDOG AND FRIES - Good as pica-pica. Kids will love this too.

FISH AND CHIPS WITH REMOULADE DIP - This is one of my favorites too! The potato chips with remoulade sauce are to die for. 

SEAFOOD AGLIO OLIO - This platter size is good for 4 persons already. That's how big the serving is. The noodle is al dente and not too salty. The shrimps and squid cuts are chunky.

LASAGNA ROLL WITH CREAM CHEESE DIP - This is just genius! It has a chunky and crispy outer layer yet it's cheesy and meaty on the inside.

SPICY MANIAC (Level 1) - If you are fond of buffalo wings and wants to take a spicy chicken challenge, then this is the best dish for you. The chicken is tasty, there's no question to that. But the spiciness has a kick to it. It will stay in your throat for a couple of minutes. Take note, it's in Level 1. You can order up to Level 3.

FRED'S RIBS - A huge serving of ribs that is good for 3 persons. As far as I can remember, this is worth P450. That includes rice or mashed potatoes.


Since they transferred to Porras St. they decided to create a new menu. It was not available yet so I'll get back to you on this once I get a copy. Don't forget that they also serve a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.


I only saw two staff at the bar. Maybe because it was an exclusive food tasting event and needed everyone in the kitchen. But everyone was helpful and accommodating. We met Chef Janiel Doronila and was really accommodating when we asked him questions.

They have catering and delivery services. They accept reservations and take out too!



The ribs, nachos, and pumpkin soup are really good too!


Contact Number: 09507616633
Location: Corner Lupo Diaz, Porras Street, Brgy. Obrero, Davao City 8000

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