A taste of Japanese cuisine at Tori Grill

I always crave for Japanese food I just don't know why. A hot and tasty ramen and crunchy maki rolls will make me happy throughout the day. Last year, I was invited by my friend to try Tori Grill at Quirino Street for lunch on a Monday and I guess that was a perfect way to start my week.


Tori Grill is situated at Quirino St., just a few steps from Davao Doctors Hospital and Tower Inn Hotel. It has a big sign so you won't get lost if you are around the area. They have striking red walls, black comfy couches, and wooden chairs that represent Japan. It's actually a big place so they can cater a large group of customers.


Kani Salad P118 - Lettuce, Cucumber, and Crab Sticks. Good thing they are serving one of my favorite salads.

Ebi Maki - Tasty and sweet. It has sliced mangoes inside.

Volcano Maki - Crunchy and taste just right.

Uzura Bacon P35 (Quail Egg wrapped in Bacon) and Aspara Bacon P35 (Asparagus wrapped with Bacon)

Tsukune P35 (Chicken Meatballs), Butabara P18 (Pork Belly), and Momo P18 (Chicken Thigh)

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen - Tasty. To avoid the noodles to get really soggy, you have to eat it immediately.

Tantanmen Ramen - The soup is not as thick and as tasty as the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen. It's just plain for me.


There are a lot of choices on their menu. They have set meals, platters, and a la carte. I have no photo of their menu but I got a copy from www.davaobase.com.


The staff was at least accommodating. We were not able to meet the owner but inviting us to their restaurant was already generous.


Kani Salad
Ebi Maki
Volcano Maki


Sad to say that they are no longer operating. I found out that their store in Quirino St. closed down. When I checked their Facebook page, it's no longer available too. I heard that the owners are now concentrating on their newest restaurant named Kitsune, a Japanese restaurant at Juna Subdivision.

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