Robot grilled barbecues at Tori Yamu

Robots can now grill barbecues? Yes and that's a first in Davao City!

We were invited to a food tasting by the owners of Tori Yamu, a restaurant inside SM Lanang Premier which offers Japanese street food and uses an automatic Yakitori griller. Below is my complete food review.


Tori Yamu is suited beside the biggest food chains on the 3rd floor of SM Lanang Premier. The place has a very distinct color theme and you will notice it immediately. It has enough space to cater to at least 30 people. You can actually see how they prepare your food in the kitchen. The robotic Yakitori griller is the main attraction. It cooks the yakitori in slow and precise order before the staff grills it on the flat griller.


Chicken and Onion Leek (P38) / Saikoro Steak (88) / Pork Belly Roll (P45) / Bacon Asparagus (P45) / Bacon Quail Egg (P45)

Pork Teriyaki Ball (P38) / Chicken Meatball (P38) / Cheese Yakitori (P38) / Chicken Karaage (P48)

Was able to taste everything but my least favorites were the Bacon Quail Egg and Chicken Karaage.

TAKOYAKI (Vegetable P68-148 / Octopus P88-P188) - It's flavorful and just melts in your mouth. It is packed with all the ingredients. The sauce is really good.

TEMPURA ALA CARTE (P148) - I'm not sure why I'm not a fan of tempura. This is just ok for me.

PORK TONKATSU (P128 w/ iced tea and rice) - The breading is just enough and the meat is tender.

YAKISOBA (P155 Pork/Chicken / P175 Seafood) - This Japanese stir-fried noodle is so flavorful.

OKONOMIYAKI (P145 Pork/Chicken / P165 Seafood) - It's a Japanese savory pancake. Became a fan when I tasted it for the first time. I think this is my favorite Okonomiyaki here in Davao.


They have enough options on their menu and you can mix and match. You can also choose to try their Yamu Combo Don which is served with red iced tea and rice. For me, their barbecues are expensive. You can't eat here on a daily basis. But I highly recommend their street food like Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki.


I saw that their staff were trained well especially in cooking the barbecue. They were organized and helpful. But I suggest having one staff outside the kitchen counter to accommodate the customers immediately.


Pork Belly Roll


Operating Hours: Mall hours 10AM-9PM
Location: 3rd Floor, SM Lanang Premier, Davao City

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