Cafe Canary - Home of Brick Oven Pizza

There are new restaurants budding around the South part of Davao City, specifically in Matina. There's this new building along Calachuchi St. at Juna Subdivision named Cafe Canary. They serve brick oven pizzas that are a must try. We were lucky to be invited by the owners for a food tasting and here's my review.


They are located right beside Ateneo Grade School. If you are from Matina Town Square, just across the street you will find Acacia St. It is between Itaewon and Ateneo. You'll get there in a minute.

The place is enough to cater at least 30 people. It has minimal designs and white walls. The cute painted logo on the brick wall really stands out. As per owner, animal named restaurants is a trend so they named it after a bird. They have wooden and glass tables and black chairs that suits the theme of the restaurant.


NACHO MACHO P195 - Cheesy and meaty! This serving is good for 2-3 persons already.

GAMBAS P235 - The shrimps are tender and not overcooked. The flatbread tastes so good too! Perfect combination.

CAJUN SHRIMP P180 (solo) P280 (sharing) - The white sauce is perfect for this pasta. The consistency is just right.

BAKED SALMON PASTA ALFREDO P325 - Perfectly cooked salmon on top of pasta alfredo. I can eat this all day!

OLLIE SARDINES PIZZA P295 - It has that distinct smell that will surely whet your taste buds. It's not that salty but you'll definitely like it.

SALTED EGG AND CHORIZO HELIPOP P325 - You can't resist the combination of flavors.

FIRECRACKER NACHOS PIZZA P325 - Nachos on top of your pizza! This was a crowd favorite.


I wasn't able to get a copy of their other main courses. I'll update this blog once I get a copy. They don't have a lot of dishes on their menu but I can say that most of their dishes are a must-try.


The owner was accommodating. We were able to talk to her and she even introduced all of the dishes clearly. The staff was helpful too so kudos to that.


Baked Salmon Pasta Alfredo
Ollie Sardines Pizza
Salted Egg and Chorizo Helipop


Contact number: 0906 062 7070
Location: Calachuchi corner Acacia Sts, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City

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